Who you are and what you do should not be a hairbreadth apart. The Buddha.




Bottom-line: I am a creative, persistent, calm, approachable woman seeking reasonable economic security doing what I am.  This is my resumé. How can I help you?

Your Call to Purpose isn’t necessarily about performing a specific task or being in a certain occupation. It’s about sharing yourself in a creative, loving way, using the skills and interests that are inherently part of you. Wayne Dyer. 



Tech • Creative • Service

Recently I read a book about the Enneagram, a system, which identifies 9 personality types. It occurred to me there may be multiple types within me though I can hear an enneagramist whispering, “that is not possible.”

I have found in a variety of personality “tests” that I am often borderline-balanced.

The Observer • The Romantic • The Helper • The Perfectionist

These all resonate. If you were to hire someone who fit multiple types, what would the benefit be for you? Continue reading “Shawn”

Video Interview

This is a video interview was graciously provided by the South Okanagan | Similkameen Local Immigration Partnership and the South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services after taking part in a promotional video for Connect2017. These organizations are so wonderfully supportive of newcomer immigrants to this beautiful part of Canada. To be included was an honor and a blessing.



Recently, June 15, 2017,  SOSLIP put on a one day conference in Penticton called Connect2017 which was a way to bring employers and newcomers together. It was billed as a Forum for Immigrant Job Seekers and Regional EmployersContinue reading “Video Interview”

Art and Writing

Shawn has an invisible friend, an artist, whose name is ShawnSky Farmer. Shawn has a good imagination.


She writes a blog since 2015 and since 2011 a Mailchimp newsletter (signup and receive a gift). She collaborates with ShawnSky to share the symbolism of astrology on Scorpio Moon Astrology.

At a young age, she was surreptitiously introduced to Astrology by her Aquarian grandmother, who was not an astrologer. She has continued studying and searching for meaning more studiously for the last 30 years.

ShawnSky contributed by creating the website logo and decorates the site with her paintings.

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RoseWillow Reiki. Thank you Shawn for such a beautiful website! From the very first phone call you took into account the vision we held for our new business and you truly delivered. We appreciated you keeping in constant contact with us throughout the whole process to ensure that even the tiniest detail would produce a …

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Recommend Shawn anytime… fantastic. Shawn built our website with extensive knowledge, expertise and professionalism. Not only that she was on time and maintained budget; but she went by far the “extra mile”. We had the best team ever all inputting from their field of expertise, Shawn being one. Teamwork and communication were essential and for …

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Once again excellent service. I have been using various services from Shawn. The most recent she built a new website, Clifford’s Gift, for me. She was so understanding, supportive and knowledgeable. Everything was accomplished by the deadline I had hoped for. Definitely would recommend Shawn.

Shelley Hannah

FiveStarTeacher.com It has been a harmonious and joyful experience working with Shawn co-creating my http://www.fivestarteacher.com website-blog. Shawn added quite a few creative suggestions as we co-created this practical poetry website-blog.

Robert Barta

Astrology Conference We are SO HAPPY with this website! And you did it with such limited information. I’m sure we aren’t your ideal client in that regard so I love how you were able to read my mind.  

Donna Young

The PMT Group The PMT Group has been working with Shawn on our website design and maintenance since the end of 2012. During that time Shawn has given us excellent service and advice. Her response time is faster than any other companies we have worked with in the past. She is reliable and works for …

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